One of the questions the marriage team at Vertical Church receives on a regular basis is the following:
“What are some resources/books/websites my spouse and I can read together
to help strengthen our marriage relationship?”

As we all know, you can find an overabundance of marriage, intimacy, and relationship books on Amazon and an equal number of articles, blogs, and podcasts all over the web. In order to best help resource other churches and members of church who ask similar questions, we’ve compiled a list of some of our team’s favorite christian marriage resources.

Retreats that build
stronger marriages
  • A Weekend to Remember by Family Life – Three days. A lifelong investment.
  • Winshape Marriage Retreats (Rome, GA) – Cultivate Growth in Every Season
  • Impact Family Christian: 305-928-2295
  • Sheridan House Family Ministries: 954-583-1552
  • Community Christian Counseling: 954-989-1444
  • Restoring Relationships: 570-523-0605
    Extra Links
    RighNow Media
    As a gift to our church family, Vertical is providing you with unlimited access to RightNow Media—the world’s largest streaming library of video Bible study resources.
    Date Night Ideas

    Back to the first
    Go to the restaurant that was your favorite when you were dating, or one similar to it.

    Day one recap
    Go through your wedding album and reread your wedding invitation and vows. Watch your wedding video together. Share about the experience.

    Rise and Shine
    Watch the sun rise or set from a beautiful location. This would be perfect during a hike, near your favorite beach or lake, or at your favorite restaurant with a view.

    Pack a Picnic
    Fill up a picnic basket with goodies like a loaf of crusty bread, sliced ham, cheese, and the season’s fruit. Go to the park, take in some sunshine, and share your feast with one another on a blanket.

    Dinner with a twist
    Do a progressive dinner – appetizer at one place, main course at another, and dessert at a final location.

    Camp Out Under the Stars
    Look no further than your own backyard and the night sky for a romantic date. Or drive out a bit further to make it a special trip by using an astronomy app to spot the constellations. If you are not an outdoorsy couple, opt for the planetarium for stargazing.

    Marriage & Couples Groups
    Getting connected to a Group is one of the best things you can do after The Marriage Night. Find a group that’s right for you.